Supporting the Bereaved

At Dove House we support those who are bereaved. We can guide you through your journey by offering the following: 

  • Support Groups

  • Counselling

  • Spiritual Support

Individual counselling is a way to have support during your bereavement journey–you can discuss your journey with a counsellor and your sharing will be heard without judgement or expectation. Individual counselling can also be an opportunity to discuss your spiritual needs and concerns.

Please click here to complete a referral form or phone 09 575 4555 to arrange an appointment.


We also hold Bereavement Morning Teas at Dove House on a fortnightly basis. These are an opportunity to meet with other bereaved people and share your journey. Everyone has a different bereavement journey, but sharing a little of this may help reduce loneliness and provide you with support.


From time to time, we provide retreats and bereavement support that gives you an opportunity to process your grief with others who are going through similar experiences. These sessions can be an opportunity to learn new coping skills and strategies.