Supporting Caregivers

At Dove House we help support families and carers. Caring for and supporting a loved one with life-threatening illness takes a tremendous toll on carers both physically and emotionally, but many carers don’t always recognise the warning signs. They deny the effects, pushing their own needs to one side and forget about self care. These loving ‘volunteers’ face the risk of burnout.

Carers often feel isolated, overburdened and incapable. They put self-imposed unrealistic expectations on themselves
which makes them at risk themselves of physical and emotional illness.

We offer respite care for Patients at our 3 bed care facility at Dove Wing - click here to read more.

Remember, there are at least two people who need to be cared for – the person who is sick and you.


Dove Hospice runs a Carer programme where families and whānau are able to share the joys and challenges of caring for their loved ones, learn how to self-care, gain insight and feel supported in their journey.


We continue to develop our Carer programme and maintain the focus of what is the reality for our community and how we may help.

Please click here to complete a referral form or phone 09 575 4555 to arrange an appointment.