Dove Hospice Overview

At Dove Hospice, we consider ourselves to be a “present day” Hospice. 

Traditionally, Hospice cares for people at the end of life.  We are different because we support people who have a terminal diagnosis and also those who expect a full recovery. We also ‘bridge the gap’ that exists between diagnosis and end of life, or between diagnosis, treatment and wellness. This ‘gap’ can be months, even years, during which time the effects of illness and treatment are life changing. We call this service "The Dove Model of Care".

Dove House is our day facility where we deliver the Dove Model of Care through a range of integrative body therapies, emotional and spiritual support, medical and nursing advice, group work and informative forums.


Dove Wing is our 24-hour care unit for respite and end of life care. Collaboration is a key feature of the care at Dove House and Dove Wing. As a non-medical model, with a focus on holistic well-being, we support and complement services provided by the specialist hospices and in turn we are supported and complemented by them. The Clinical Team also works closely with other support agencies like St Andrews Residential Care, Cancer Society, Leukemia & Blood Cancer New Zealand, Melanoma New Zealand, Sweet Louise and the Grief Centre to ensure the effective use of resources and skills and wraparound support for patients and families.


Dove Hospice is a standalone, registered charitable trust. As our model of care falls outside traditional government funding, we rely totally on the gift of time from volunteers, the gift of product to our Dove Hospice Shops, fundraising, grants, bequests and donations. This support means we provide over 5,000 individual treatments and 1,000 inpatient care days every year, helping and caring for people at varying points on their journey with life threatening illness.

Care is focused on people finding a sense of holistic well-being while facing the challenges that life-threatening illness brings.

Our patients tell us they experience a safe place of healing and relief from anxiety while navigating the experience of serious illness.


Our History

Our story began in 1992 with the concept of a hospice in the Eastern Bays, the establishment of the Eastern Bays Hospice Trust. Our first home was an office in St Heliers. In 1994 we moved to a room at the Seventh Day Adventist Hospital in St Heliers Bay Road. Then in August 1999 Dove House, a purpose built day stay and overnight care facility, was officially opened in St Andrew's Village on land offered at a ‘peppercorn’ lease. Many volunteers, service clubs, trusts and individuals contributed to the completion of this well-appointed building from which to reach out to the community.  


In 2000 we started working with St Joseph’s Mercy Hospice to provide palliative care nursing and medical expertise to grow the Eastern Bays Hospice service. In 2014, Eastern Bays Hospice was renamed Dove Hospice as we came to serve wider Auckland communities through our unique day programme at Dove House.

Vision, Purpose and Values


To evolve the Dove model of care and make it available to other communities.


To support and empower people with life threatening illness by generating sufficient funds through community partnerships.



  • Empowerment

  • Promoting Holistic Wellness

  • Attentive and Supportive

  • Generous


  • Respectful and Authentic

  • Understanding and Caring for Each Other

  • Tolerant and Hospitable


  • Honest, Truthful and Trustworthy

  • Confidentiality


  • Quality of Standards

  • Tenacious

  • Skills Development

  • Safety and Reliability

  • Professional and Accountable


  • Consultative and Collaborative

  • Flexible and Adaptive

  • Approachable

  • Enabling Others

  • Partnering with the Community