Make a Bequest to Dove

You, your family and your friends can remember Dove Hospice through a bequest. 


When you give to Dove Hospice, your gift will be providing services that look after this community, not only now but for future generations. Whether large or small; your gift is greatly appreciated.
You can set up a regular gift payment today or include a gift to Dove Hospice in your will. You will be helping us to build a compassionate

When you join our community you will become a valued part of something truly special. There are a number of bequest options.


Give a specific sum or percentage of your estate

A specific sum for your bequest is one option. Nominating a percentage of your estate will ensure your estate does the most work it can for the Dove Hospice.


Give the residue of your estate

Once your estate is assessed, other gifts made and all expenses taken care of, you gift what is left to Dove Hospice.


Make a specific gift of property

You can name a property or an asset that you would like to leave for the benefit of Dove Hospice.



It is important you get good advice when you decide to make a bequest.

To discuss what making a bequest might mean for you, or to discuss with us how your bequest might best contribute to our service, or simply for more information about how you might make a bequest, please contact:

Stephanie Forde, Integrated Care Manager on

(09) 575 4555 or 027 245 5851

A Promise to Pip

Pip Mills loved the Art & Healing Table at Dove House; sometimes she would be there by herself and sometimes she would bring her mum Trish, with whom she had a special bond. At the time this part of the service was very new with an uncertain future.

For Pip it was a place to be creative; to focus and forget her illness; to connect with other patients; to have fun and just 'be Pip'! The opportunity to come together once a week at this special table with Melissa and Yoke who are well qualified facilitators has been a lifeline for some and a place of safety for others—an opportunity to explore the inexpressible and a way to share with others at a meaningful level.

Tragically Pip died far too young—a whole life unlived. She had dreamed of getting married to Greg, having children, sharing her life with family and friends.

A ‘Promise to Pip’:  Greg, along with colleagues and friends, set up a Foundation while Pip was alive to assist with treatment costs and other needs. Following her death, and in line with Pip’s wishes, what remained of the fund became a bequest left specifically to help fund the continuation of the Art & Healing Table at Dove House. In her lifetime Pip had worked for others over many years including prostitute outreach programmes, helping elderly people and through her church.


This fun-loving girl has left a legacy of her life well-lived and in this way she continues to make a difference to people’s lives. The fund has helped enormously in cementing the Art & Healing Table as an on-going integral part of Dove Hospice's programme of care.